the colgates began life as the cheese engineers at the tail end of 1986.
simon & harriet had met at a rather terrible jesus & marychain concert in birmingham.

simon had just started playing the guitar - he knew G, A & D.
it turned out harriet had bought a bass - a bright blue fender copy.

and their record collections were almost identical.

what helped was that harriet's father had built amplifiers for various large rock bands in the 60's and had a stack of amplification sitting in a shed ready for this fledgling band to use.

calling themselves the cheese engineers due to simon's anal approach to making cheese on toast - a favourite dinner in the band's household - they wrote a few songs and started looking for gigs.

their good friend jon joined the band but almost immediately became a kind of theoretical member as he never took part in any rehearsals, recording or gigs, though he is listed on the cheese engineer's "batman" cassette.

the cheese engineers was a rubbish name for a band and very shortly it was changed to the colgates, but not before the band had played a few now forgotten local gigs.

by the time of the name change the band had been joined by paul doing percussion, occassional singing and starting and stopping the drum machine and was playing all over the place including:

- a church hall in telford with the mctells & st. christopher
- shrewsbury with the pale saints
- birmingham with buy off the bar & the mctells
- leeds with pale saints & remember fun
- york with st. christopher & pale saints
- shrewsbury with the rosehips
- stoke on trent (where the band had a strangely large following) with various bands we can't remember
- shrewsbury with 14 iced bears
- telford with rubella ballet & skeletal family
- shrewsbury with bob

the cheese engineers recorded one 11 track cassette at a 16 track studio in telford (it was actually someone's flat) and a song for bi-joopiter's "what feet" compilation on their newly acquired 4 track machine.

the colgates recorded two cassettes on 4 track and appeared on a bunch of compilation cassettes, now lost in the mists of time but including "corrupt postman" and "kite".

in 1989 the band called it a day.
paul had left to pursue real life, the band had stopped rehearsing in a garage and started using a rehearsal studio and at one point consisted of 3 drummers, 3 guitar players, and 2 bass players.

ludicrous really.

harriet now lives in the north east and has lovely children. we don't know if she still makes music.

simon became crayola and has been through various bands including pimp, future sperm brasil and team mollusk, recorded countless solo albums and is currently in a band called sarandon.

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each album includes printable covers using the original cassette artwork.

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